We are a family working together for the betterment of the Alaskan Klee Kai breed. Our goal is to improve the breed with each generation being better than the last. All of our dogs are raised in our home and we have a very small breeding program.

The word “Mikka” has several important meanings. It’s an acronym for “My Incredible Klee Kai Adventure.” However it’s also the nickname of our first Alaskan Klee Kai, Mishka.

Our family has been involved in dogs since the early ’90s when we bred AKC-registered German Shepherds for several years. I’m not sure where my daughter’s fascination with the Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute came from, she can only remember reading books about them and looking longingly at pictures of them, wishing she could have one of her own since she was eight years-old.

As luck would have it, as she was browsing through pictures and breeders of beautiful northern breeds, she stumbled across an unfamiliar name – “Alaskan Klee Kai.” Curious, she did a search on them and found out they were what appeared to be “miniature huskies.” After she spent some time learning about the breed, she came across Eileen Gregory’s website and, as coincidence would have it, she had a small black and white girl available. Alyssa was fascinated by her, and loved her from the moment she laid eyes upon her picture. As we  filled out and sent my questionnaire off to Eileen, we knew full well the likelihood of getting that brown-eyed female puppy was low. A little over a week later, after miraculously convincing the family, we were off to Peyton, Colorado to pick up this new little wonder.

It was later that same year when we came across Del Mar Klee Kai and obtained our first show dog GRCH ‘PR’ Del Mar’s Storm from Aprilfawn White and Chris Caster. Storm was a blessing to us that we can’t say thanks enough for and the same goes to April – for all the support and encouragement, and the fact that she stands behind the quality of her dogs. She has been a real inspiration to us. Thanks also to the support of the Alaskan Klee Kai community, for without all of this, we would not be able to enjoy these little wonders and contribute to the breed as we do.

Our Commitment

All of our breeding dogs have annual exams performed yearly to ensure their health. In addition, we OFA certify our dogs for Cardiac, Patella, Eyes and Thyroid. Any breeding dogs that fail these tests are promptly spayed/neutered and placed in a good home.

We are making the effort to get all of our breeding dogs their Championship or Grand Championship title in conformation and we have done agility with some of our dogs.

Our puppies are not for re-sale or re-homing. If you can no longer take care of your puppy you are required by the contract to return it to us for placement. More details can be found on our contract, which you will be given a copy of in the event that you decide to get a puppy from us after filling out an application.

To prospective buyers interested in a breeding/show potential puppy: we require you to OFA certify your puppy prior to breeding.

Puppies adopted from Mikka Klee Kai will be microchipped, have up-to-date shots, and will be wormed prior to being sent to their new families They will also be sent home with a copy of their health exam and a small bag of their current dog food. I try to provide lots of pictures and video during their development so you can watch them grow.

We do provide a one year health guarantee against genetic and congenital defects.

I am retired and spend lots of time with my puppies! We try to introduce them to as many things as we can. I use a crinkly cat tunnel, a small teeter, boxes to jump into and onto, different surfaces, various toys, chute, slide etc. They are also desensitized to noise by listening to a cd called “Sounds for Hounds” which is for dogs that are reactive or sensitive to sounds. There are numerous sounds on the cd and I have them start listening to it at night at about 3 weeks old. I also start socializing them at about 6 weeks by cautiously taking them out to meet and greet people. I think with this breed it’s extremely important to their development.  My goal is to have them pretty much potty trained and introduced to crate training by the time they leave here at 9 weeks.



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